Jo Coles

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I have my feet in two camps. Much of my career has been spent as a ‘community artist’ making pieces for large-scale outdoor events, as well as running workshops in formal and informal settings.

But since 2008 I have revisited my studio-based work with renewed vigour

I recently had the oportunity to combine my two working practices in a commission from ‘The Making’  . I made a four metre high ‘Polska Pani’. This Polish folk art lady was inspired by my  recent six month trip to Poland .

'Polska Pani'. World party in the Park, Basingstoke - 2011

For some years now I’ve been collecting objects, both natural and man-made, that I find on woodland and urban walks. These things, sometimes strange but more often quite ordinary (but always beautiful!) are a constant inspiration to me. Using this inspiration, as well as the found objects themselves, I construct figures and miniature installations.

Sitting Space 40x30 cm

Tree House 30x40 cm

Apples made from romantic novels

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