Nikki Gunson

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Sculpting is my passion, creating is my life, a compulsive whittler, I love to delve into things, explore, play, and along the way discover a variety of ways to express myself, as well as enabling others through an assortment of workshops, to create and air their own voice.

Since I was found making a giant Barbara Windsor head and hands in Lewes Bus depot, 6 years ago, I have been working with members of Waterloo Bonfire Society as Designer, Artistic director and lead Artist ,creating a tableau that on the 5th, is pulled through the streets of Lewes, to the fire site where it is ceremoniously blown up.


Lewes Martyrs Lewes bonfire 2007

Health and safety gone mad Lewes bonfire 2008 

Fat cat head Lewes bonfire 2009

Victoria Hospital 100 years /HealthcutsLewes bonfire 2010


Rupert Murdoch & Rebekah Brooks Lewes bonfire 2011



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