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who we are


is the collective name of four freelance artists: Nikki Gunson, Patrick Bullock, Sarah Parsons and Jo Coles.



  • imagine, devise and deliver artworks in public places
  • build giants and miniatures, fantasies and dreamscapes
  • make lanterns, puppets, sculpture, textiles, illustration and costume
  • invent large centre piece static and processional imagery for  public events.
  • facilitate art residencies in schools, community centres, residential homes, hospitals and art galleries
  • create training for various artistic practices
  • manage large and small arts projects.

'pride' by Patrick for Gigantic festivalOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We met 15 years ago through freelance work  on projects for Same Sky, a Celebratory Arts Company based in Brighton, England (we still work on projects for them now). We decided  to share a making space together, as a mutual support network, to pool resources, to swap ideas and tools and to motivate each other. We are multi skilled makers who enjoy collaboration and continue to seek professional development

100w seeks work for the independent artists in the group and larger work that involves collaboration.

After a collective 50 plus years working in the arts we can also call on a large pool of specialists if needed to assist/ add to larger projects

We are interested in making all sorts of things ..get in contact if you need something. 

SONY DSCenchanted forest close up

‘the enchanted forest’ car free day, Brighton, 20th September 2009

enchanted forest

Our First large scale public art event was Car Free Day on 20th September. We not only tendered for commission from Brighton and Hove Council, we managed and made the artefacts for the project. We also put together a production crew and installed and removed the installation.

An installation of 110 cardboard free standing trees. The trees represented the trees of England but were influenced with east European folk-lore and Grimms fairytales aesthetics

Each tree was painted in one of three shades of green and held highly decorated and colourful fruit/nuts/wildlife

Trees were various sizes from 3ft to 10ft tall and 3 dimensional

 As you passed through the trees the rich and diverse sounds of the forest were heard, 4 armchairs were transformed to create a contemplative rest point holding secret sound systems.

 Car free day is an annual event in Brighton and attracts thousands of visitors, many of whom meandered and played through our forest

100w arts